The Evacuation of 50,000 People in Germany on Christmas to Defuse Massive Bomb

Monday, December 26th 2016. | Germany

The unexploded World War bombs are still inducing problems across Europe. Last week, Germany re-discovered a massive 1.8-ton WW2 bomb in Augsburg on an underground car park. The discovery led to the massive people evacuation during Christmas Day announced for December 25. Due to the size of the bomb, the authorized party had to setup an evacuation area up to 1.5 kilometers in radius. Residents were told to be out of their homes at the latest by 10 a.m. Government were set up for the evacuation centers in gymnasiums and local schools.
The tense was over nine hours later (at 7 p.m.) after the local government officially announced that the bomb had been successfully defused. The announcement published in the city’s official Facebook account,
Learned from the accident in January 2014, Germany experienced to the event that claimed the lives after a bulldozer struck an unexploded bomb in Euskirchen, Germany, that killed one person. This time Germany had already came with a full preparation for the similar case. Due to the successful evacuation, Kurt Gribl, the Augsburg’s mayor, reacted bravely by visiting the work crews and stood next to the pit where the bomb was sitting. He said many thanks to the work crews who had given up their Christmas to work on the explosive. On his Twitter account (@politikurt) Kurt Gribl also uploaded a photo with the work crews who evacuated the bomb. He said, “Aircraft bomb defused – these brave men are the true heroes of this historic day. From the heart: Thank you”.
The bomb confirmed from a British one that dropped on the city in the moment of World War II. The statement declared officially by the city.
Actually, the authorities had found there was no prompt danger from the bomb. Then it is why the authorities had long day before planned to wait to defuse the bomb until Christmas. In Germany is not like in many other Christian countries, that families hold their biggest celebration on Christmas Eve (a night before Christmas Day) rather than Christmas Day.
It’s been more than 70 years after the end of World War 2, but the unexploded bombs are still become serious problem in countries across Europe.

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